Paul originally trained in graphic design, which led him into the creative world of advertising. 

In 2017 Paul was commissioned by a leading art publisher in the USA to produce a tutorial book   ’Beginning Pastel’. The book has proved to be very successful selling well in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South Africa and Australia. 


I am a Watercolour Artist who is constantly striving to capture the ethereal, ever changing  beauty of the natural world.

Watercolour has the power to paint itself, if you hold your nerve and go with the flow. Where it  meanders it creates new tones and marks, that cry out for expression. My work is forever evolving as I discover how to stretch and bend the medium.     


Jan Gardner was born and brought up in North Wales and spent much of her early years wandering the lanes and hills around her home.

It was here that the light, space and colours that inhabit her work first became an influence. Drawing on these memories and experiences of special places

and her later travels in Europe, Morocco and the U.S.A.; she

crafts vivid and atmospheric works. Colours that fly in from emotion and passion, relaying a deep connection with the varied, differing landscapes from which they evolve.

jennifer rye


Jennifer Suellen Rye is a renowned painter in North Wales. She has held many exhibitions across the UK and abroad , she draws inspiration from nature and mankind.


She likes to be surrounded by nature and carries a camera to capture the moments that inspire her. As an experienced and gifted artist, she can create art pieces that tell a story.

Jennifer holds a bachelor's and master's degree in fine art painting from the Wimbledon School of Art.


Bill Gribble has lived and worked in North Wales for many years. He was inspired by an Aunt when very young to develop and take part in creative and artistic activities.

Bill is now an author as well as an artist. He has successfully exhibited and sold his work at home and internationally for many years and is inspired by other artists, events and the environment.


Born in St. Asaph, Flintshire, Ann studied at the Art College in Bangor and then at Exeter College of Art and Design.

Since March 2009, Ann has worked full time as a printmaker, specialising in the reduction method of linocutting. 

Ann’s work is inspired largely by the Welsh landscape, its mountains, rivers, waterfalls and coastline.