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'Bizzi Buzzbuzz and the Strange Purple Flower' is an exciting, magical and entertaining story for young children.

It takes children on a journey from disaster to a happy conclusion with twists and turns along the way.

The colourful characters bring every page to life and the story flows effortlessly in rhyming verse.


Written by Paul and Kate Pigram

Illustrated by Paul Pigram

See examples of the first three pages below:


Page 1

“My name is Bizzi Buzzbuzz,

I’m a busy bumblebee.

I’ll show you round my garden,

Come on then, follow me!”


Page 2

“WOW! Look over there!

What a strange purple flower.

It’s very very tall, it’s as big as a tower!

I must fly over and check it out,

Then I will see what it’s all about.”


Page 3

As Bizzi flew closer

And closer and closer

The strange purple flower

Grew taller and TALLER!

Bizzi Buzzbuzz and The Strange Purple Flower can be downloaded as a PDF direct  to your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can even print off the story to read to your children.


Simply click on the button below to download this enchanting story for only £5.00

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